Shirley Mitchell Whilst doing this work, doctors regularly called on me to talk to cancer patients and their families. I became the bridge between the clinical world of diagnosis and the people receiving distressing news. I found I was able to support patients and those closest to them at this difficult time. I decided to enhance my skills and undertook extensive counselling training.

At the beginning of my counselling career, I worked extensively with individuals, couples and groups both in my private practice and at Relate (the UK’s largest provider of relationship support), helping people face some of life’s challenges.

Additionally, over the last ten years I have worked with people and their families whose lives are affected by cancer. For this I undertook specialist training. I became Director of Services for a national cancer support charity where I was responsible for setting up and supervising a team of professional counsellors, and running the entire counselling service.

Since 1999, I have also been a well-respected supervisor of counsellors.